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Receiving an orchid bouquet or plant is a little like taking a trip to paradise. When buying orchids, the most common varieties are the phalaenopsis (moth orchid), the vanda, paphiopedilum (slipper orchid), or the dendrobium (Singapore orchid). Many decorative forms of orchids are grown specifically to be used as cut flowers.

The elegance of orchids

When most people imagine orchids, they think of their delicate blossoms and simple elegance. reports orchids are unique flowers that are only naturally found in certain parts of the world. Aside from being beautiful, these blossoms are also part of a large plant family. There are more than 25,000 naturally occurring species in the world, plus countless more that have been created by orchid gardeners.

Orchids can come in many sizes - the tallest variety can grow to be 20 meters in height. Most blossoms are native to tropical and subtropical regions of the world, like South and Central America, though a few types are found in the U.K., the news outlet reports.

The most popular colors of orchids tend to be white and pink buds, but these flowers can also be green, black and most other hues, though there are no blue orchids found anywhere in the world.

Depsite having more than 25,000 known varieties, botanists are still finding new orchid species each year. Between 200 and 300 new orchids are discovered annually on average, so there must be at least one type for people of all personalities.

Orchids can make great gifts, though these delicate blooms can be a bit finicky. reports despite being native to tropical regions, orchids actually don't need that much watering. For best results, water the plant every five to 12 days, depending on the type of orchid, the temperature it resides in and what time of year it is. During the warm months, more water is needed.
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